Power Steering Stop Leak

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Power Steering Stop Leak

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It is 100% GUARANTEED to stop seal leaks in power steering units or your money back. Totally corrects rack and pinion problems.

It is also totally effective in reducing slack, squeals and hard spots in worn rack and pinions. Your results will be immediate and long lasting.

Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed to stop seal leaks
  • Stops rack and pinion problems
  • Very cost effective


  • #10008 - 355ml (Case of 12)
  • #10011 - 946ml (Case of 12)
  • #10012A - 20ltr (1 Pail)


Product Spec Sheet Product Spec Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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Commercials - Power Steering Stop Leak

    Jeff Waggoner uses Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak

    Just wanted to say Thank You for saving me $100 and a headache. My power steering unti on my Camry developed a bad leak around the shaft. I was going to replace the pump it was $100, but its a pain to get to. So i ran up to my local part store picked up your product and put it in. I drove home approx 4 miles, THE LEAK STOPPED!!! Amazing!!! Thanks Again.

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